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Linz Alternators

A Premium Product

Power O2 now offers Linz alternators. LINZ Electric, part of the Pedrollo Group , which specialises in the production of alternators and rotating machines. These alternators are made in Italy whose high-quality standards are recognised and appreciated worldwide by genset manufacturers.

The Linz alternator is a premium product which boasts high efficiency, mechanical strength, reliability and durability. You can purchase your Linz alternator to couple with your engine. We also sell combination sets which comes with a Linz alternator and a Baudouin or John Deere engine. We are diversifying our offerings to make your solutions simpler.

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G-THOR Tractor Driven PTO Generators

Looking For Efficient & Reliable Power

Enduring continuous power outages on your farm? We have the solution for you with our GTHOR tractor driven generator the easiest and most convenient solution providing portable electrical power. GTHOR is a tractor driven PTO (power take off) generator that includes synchronous alternator, coupled to a speed increaser gearbox, towable by the tractor via a three-point hitch. This series has been designed to provide reliable power in emergency situations and for rural areas.

Available in both single and three phase configurations

  • Wheel kit for manual movements
  • Trailer kit for ground movements
  • Equipped with the DR30 digital regulator
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