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In some ways engines are a bit like people. Most of the time they just roll along doing what they need to do, no complaining, no stalling. They just do what they’re supposed to. But, when people get sick, catch a cold or the flu or just don’t feel right, they’ll let us know. They’ll show up late, have no energy, can’t do what they’ve always been able to before… or worse yet, they call in sick throwing a wrench in the works.

Same thing with engines. We take it for granted that when we turn the key the engine will start. But if you’re reading this, something changed. Your engine just doesn’t sound the same… maybe it won’t start, or it has no power. Worse yet…. It broke, or called in “sick.”

At Power O2 we have the expertise to “doctor” your “sick” engine and if it needs a little “operation” we can assist through our Technical network.

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